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Art Directing Giant Pheasants

Art Directing Giant Pheasants

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Art for Good 2015, 2016
Color Exhibition, Heritage Park Center Gallery 2014
Landscape Exhibition, Heritage Park Center Gallery 2014
Initial Exhibition, Heritage Park Center Gallery 2013
Art of the Nude, Charles Caldwell Gallery 2013
Capri Theater Lobby "One Photographer's Exhibition" 2012
Minneapolis Photo Center "Black and White - The Absence of Color" 2012
Urban Research and Outreach—Engagement Center "Impressions Northside" 2012
Minnesota State Fair Fine Arts Exhibition 2012, 2010, 2009, 2007, 2006
Coloplast North American Corporation Headquarters 2009
Urban Homeworks Corporation, one person exhibition 2009 to 2010
Ford Center, "Four Guys Eyes" four person exhibition 2005
Kelly Rae Theiss Gallery, "Sublime" two person exhibition 2001

Coloplast Corporate Collection
Heritage Park Center Permanent Collection

Epson International Pano Awards
National Association of Photoshop Professionals:
International Photo Walk

"Black and White - The Absence of Color" 2012

The Photographer

I’ve spent a great deal of time mastering the technique and technology of photography. In itself these are not reasons to hire a photographer. Mastery of this medium gives me surety that I will, by the end of the day, come up with the images that I promised to make. This is never enough for me. I am always looking for the magnificent—the masterpiece—the memorable.

Two epic photographers influence my photographic education: Roger Iverson, my high school mentor and Coburn Hvidston III, the legendary photographer of the Fargo Forum. They knew their craft. Each time they ventured out to cover an assignment they put their method to work.

Roger would coach me, “When you arrive at an assignment have your cameral ready. Get the long shot. Shoot the action. Get the two shot and cover the principals with the scene in the picture. Then wait. Be ready. You’ve covered the minimum. Now look for the amazing image or the poignant moment. Watch where the rest of the photographers shoot from and find a different vantage point.”

I’m not promising masterpieces on assignment, but if one happens I’m likely to be ready for it.

For the last three decades I have been the namesake of a Minneapolis graphic design firm.

While I don't plan to give up design to return to photography, years bent over a computer, a light table and printing presses has given me a certain perspective. My design work has made me a better photographer and photography has improved my approach to design.

I put my camera away for years to concentrate on how the photos were placed on the page or screen and their relationship with typography. I have returned to photography to find I have new eyes for both the art and craft.

Every time I put the camera to my eye I have a question to ask. Its not always the same question and the photos often don't contain answers.

• Is this how Arnold Newman would do it?

• Does this angle tell a better story?

• Can I make the red in this scene pop?

• Will others see this as beautiful?

• How long am I going to have to wait for her to turn her head?

The answer to these questions makes me a communicator…a story teller. If you stop back to this site from time to time you'll find additions and updates. The work goes on day-to-day.


Art Directing Giant Pheasants
Art Directing Giant Pheasants
Art Directing Giant Pheasants
Art Directing Giant Pheasants
Art Directing Giant Pheasants