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Events are always best remembered for individuals who stand out in a crowd. Each time I shoot an event I look for the chanteuse, the ingenue, the dandy and the out of place as dependable subjects.

Here is a collection of the brightest smiles, the loudest laughs, the most colorful costumes and the personalities that stand out.

I treat every event I photograph as if it were a hunting expedition. I wade into the crowd as if I were looking for a trophy. Sometimes they spring out from behind the champagne fountain. Sometimes I wait and wait and wait for that smile, that look, that dance move, that kiss that I knew was coming if I just waited long enough. Most of these images are shot with on camera strobe and then, like everything I shoot processed to bring the room back into the picture.

Someplace down the line I'm going to put up galleries of events that I've photographed that were just too amazing. Events that contained moments of magic that I truly live for. Until then, here is the compilation of wonderful events that I have had the honor and pleasure to record for history.

Thank you to all the event planners who remembered to put me on the list of people who would try my best to make the event as memorable as it could be.
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