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A portrait is an idealized image of a person. These are the most ‘on purpose’ photos I make. The image is not reality. It is how a person wants to be recognized by the world. Or it is how an artist or photographer chooses to render that subject.

I get real pleasure from studying the work of masters of portraiture. My favorites are Arnold Newman and John Singer Sargent. Sargent was famous and expensive at the end of the nineteenth and the beginning of the twentieth centuries. He painted people who could afford to be painted by sergeant an made them all look fabulous. I seriously doubt whether they all were.

Newman taught me environmental portraiture. He often portrayed his subjects in their most familiar surroundings both their professions and personalities were portrayed in the images. I had the pleasure to meet Mr. Newman. One of the great thrills of my life.

My portraits try to be the best version of my subjects that I can make.
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