The Capri Theater

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The Capri Theater at 2027 West Broadway, Minneapolis, MN 55411

I regularly get to make photos in one of the happiest places I've ever photographed. Each phone call from The Capri is an invitation to stretch my skills while recording what I have named "Pure Joy."

This theater is the first place Prince played professionally. It is now owned and operated by a Plymouth Christian Youth Center. The school and this theater is a shining beacon in North Minneapolis.

The Legend Series features the great entertainers from the Twin Cities directed by the amazing Dennis Spears. He is a great creative director. I get to take pictures of the most photographed man in Minneapolis—A tag I have bestowed on Dennis. If you follow his Facebook page you'll see that I'm not far off.

The St Paul Chamber Orchestra holds concerts with percussion instruments for children. If you look through this gallery you will see that there are wild-eyed children with drumsticks in their hands. What could go wrong?

The Minnesota Orchestra likes to sit in with the Capri Big Band. Osmo Vanska, Director of Minnesota Orchestra, Gabriel Campos Zambora, and Charles Lazarus played with the Capri Big Band on January 27, 2019. Osmo Vanska soloing on Duke Ellington’s The Mooche was something to hear.

Then there is Capri Glee. The evening culminates in three choruses on stage (a tight fit) at one time. J.D. Steele brings a new level of enthusiasm to a multitude of voices.

It is photographing pure joy.
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