Time Compression

3 images Created 31 Dec 2018

I am working on images that involve an enormous amount of post processing. These images often only reveal their insights after the images are finished. The movement of window washers on the side of the Minnesota Building and the work flow of roofers take on a natural cadence that is only apparent when time is condensed to a single frame.

The photos In this gallery are celebrations of human movement. They are not time-lapse. They’re time compression.

This idea started while watching from my apartment window a guy scramble over the edge of the Minnesota building. I wondered, “Is he a suicide or a base-jumper?” Turns out he was a window washer. Thus began Spiders on the Minnesota Building. When, just a few days later, the roofers arrived I was pretty sure I was onto something.

Now the Minnesota State Capitol is nearing completion as The Peoples’ House.

Each of these images are the layered combination of many photos taken from exactly the same perspective. Several hundred photos were made to realize Spiders on the Minnesota Building. One thousand frames were made for both The Roofers’ Convention and The Peoples’ House.

Every character was photographed exactly where you see them in the frame. I choose who gets into the image they chose where they were photographed.

Because of the complexity of these images it takes months of work to finish one. More are on the way. Watch on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or on this website for the next mega photo. It will be the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden on some weekend when everything is fresh and green. You could end up as a character in the next Mega Photo.

These images lose too much detail as an 8" x 10" print. It just isn’t what I’m going for. The images in this section are being offered as signed framed prints in four different sizes. Contact me for special considerations.

Sizes for Spiders on the Minnesota Building are:

Roofers’s Convention, State Capitol - The Peoples’ House and the Sculpture Garden (This one doesn’t have a title, yet.)
The sizes will be:
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